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Name- Abel Stille Zachariah

Age- 15 Year- Fifth

Height- 165.1 cm (5.4 feet)

Eyes- A beautiful brown, almost black, that sparkle in dim firelight(an odd inherited trait from his father).

Hair- Passive brown, long tresses frame his face, while a shorter boy-cut in the back.

Look- Abel has a very feminine face; one he has been mocked for for years in his Muggle community. Thin, slanting eyebrows and an ivory complexion only inhance this 'pretty boy' look. Despite having good looks, Abel would prefer to be uglier, or at least more boyish. He usually hides his face in a book; it's been his disguise for years, seeing as he looks like a bookworm already. He wears reading glasses, but only when, well.. reading. Usually wears a crisp, neat white dress shirt and black pants; an outfit one might find in an orchestral member.

Other Accessories- An amethyst wristwatch, a gift from his late father.

House- Predictably, with Abel's studious manner and dilligence, he was sorted into Ravenclaw; no if's, and's, or but's about it.

Personality- "Silence is Golden." Well, apparently platinum for Abel. He hardly ever speaks. It's an occasional mislead that he is perhaps mute, for even when spoken to, he will not usually reply. Only when addressed by a teacher will he speak willingly.

Powers- Abel isn't aware of any 'powers' so to speak, though he no doubt has some.

Pets- A small brown owl named Timcanpy (pronounced "Tee-mu-kyan-pee") with large black eyes; can often be found sitting on Abel's head.

Odd Traits- Never holds up an open hand in a gesture for the number five, and will instead use both hands, two fingers on the left hand, three on the right. Never holds a coffee mug or tea cup by the handle, only by the body of the cup. Can "speak with his eyes." Resistant to sleep deprivision symptoms for several days straight. Plays the cello.

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Name- Diedrich Brandt Ingraham

Age- 15 Year- Fifth

Height- 180.34 cm (5.91 feet)

Eyes- A wild husky-blue, great for staring people down on the Quidditch pitch.

Hair- Naturally golden brown; bleached white. Has a flippy bed-head look.

Look- Diedrich is very tall for his age. Combined with his whispy white hair and burning blue eyes, he's often first mistaken for a spirit or poltergeist. His skin has a very pale peach-y glow, and would have a perfect complexion if not for the thin scar stretching the length of his chin on the right side of his face.

Other Accessories- Nothing of value.

House- In spite of his crazy, energetic personality, he also has a studious side, and studies hard (whenever there isn't energy to be expent), and was placed in Ravenclaw.

Personality- Diedrich has a natural fun-loving personality, a strange trait for being friends with Abel. Well, it's more of a one sided friendship, but he never really gives up. Diedrich enjoys pestering people, all in fun, of course. He's somewhat of a party animal, though he doesn't attend many parties, so he usually unleashes his pent-up energy against Abel, with loudness and merriment beyond normality. Diedrich also has a quieter side. He may be a jokester, but he can distinguish times when it's appropriate to be silly, and when it's time to clam up.

Powers- If charisma were a magical power, he'd certainly have a knack for it. Other than that, nothing.

Pets- A snowy white cat named Esther; a gift from his aunt. Named after Diedrich's late girlfriend, since it was recieved shortly after her death in a shooting at a bank.

Odd Traits- Speaks four different languages: English, German, French, and Japanese, all fluently. Knows household skills such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc... An avid croquet player. Writes his own songs.

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NobleAntihero's Characters
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