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 My characters :3

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PostSubject: My characters :3   My characters :3 Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2008 8:46 pm

My characters :3 Kitchiong

First name: Garbrielle (aka Gabi) Last name: Audley
Eyes: Grey-blue, if not hidden behind sunglasses or hair.
Hair: It's blonde, but often has other colors in it. Lately, she prefers it dyed black underneath, with blue streaks going through her hair.
Height: Five foot four inches. Gabi's a small little thing.
Year: Year four. Gabi's fourteen.
Pet: She has a male cat, named Teeter. He's black with a white tipped tail, white paws, a white belly, and white muzzle with black spots in it.
Outfits: Gabi likes almost anything. She mostly sticks towards the 'rock' style. Gabi also likes tight jeans, shirts, or dresses that show off her little frame.
Accessories: She likes necklaces and sunglasses. She always has a bracelet on her wrist that her best friend made and gave to her before moving.
House: Because Gabrielle is often witty, she was placed in Ravenclaw.
Background: Gabrielle Alice Audley was born to Anthony and Victoria Audley in London, England. She grew up with her parents, until at age seven, they were in a terrible accident. Anthony died upon impact, while Victoria, to this day, lies in a hospital in a coma. Ever since, Gabrielle visits her mother when ever she is home, and lives with her grandmother, Belinda Audley, and brother. Gabrielle has a twin (but not identical) brother named Frank (aka Frankie).
Attitude: Gabi is a very fun loving girl, who enjoys being around people and being outside. Even though she always seems happy, she often feels lonely, and doesn't want a soul to know how she really is inside. She's nice to anyone and everyone, unless they decide to be mean to her. She is rarely ever seen, except during classes, without either her camera or her music. Gabrielle is a smart cookie, and when going through muggle school she was a grade higher than most her age. All though she is small for her age, Gabi is a lot tougher than she looks. If you mess with her, she'll unleash an evil you wished you never saw.
Hobbies: Gabi enjoys spending her free time with friends. However, she also likes to read, write (anything from poetry to stories), draw, listen to music, and much more. Gabi is also gifted with photography.
Powers: Gabrielle is gifted in transfiguration. But she is not yet aware of any powers.

My characters :3 11981721
First name: Frank (or Frankie) Last name: Audley
Eyes: Grey-blue, like his sister's and his mother's.
Hair: Blonde.
Height: Five foot six. He's taller than his sister, thanks to his father's genes.
Year: Fourth year. Obviously, seeing as he's a twin, he's fourteen.
Pet: Frank inheritied his father's owl (also the semi-family owl), Jade. She's all black, with jade-colored eyes, thus earning her her name.
Outfits: He wears whatever pleases him for the day. Usually, he sticks to dark clothes, with lots of hoodies.
Accessories: A piece of leather he found in his dad's things, shortly after his death. He wears this either tied around his wrist or hanging loosely from his neck; which ever pleases him for the day.
Background: Younger brother to Gabrielle Audley, Frank has his fate entwined with hers. Frank was attached to his father, Anthony, so much so that his life changed forever once he died.
Attitude: Frank doesn't care about anyone other than himself, his sister (but denies it), grandmother, and mother. Frank is a smart boy, who often keeps to himself. With such a dark personality, others question as to why he was put in Ravenclaw rather than Slytherin. Deep down, there's a whole different boy, but Frank fights hard to keep his real self, Frankie, tied down forever.
Hobbies: Frank is a poet, if not dark poet. He enjoys sitting by himself, either reading or staring off. He likes to day dream, thinking of his father or plotting ways to keep people out of his way.
Powers: With the expception of the bloody snakes that keep following him around, Frank is convinced he has no powers. Why would life give him powers when it has already decided to ruin everything else for him?
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My characters :3
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