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 Kirsty's Characters

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Kirsty's Characters S57c10
Name: Claire Marie Danilov

Age: 16/ 6th year

Wand: 9-inch rowan with the essence of a phoenix

Blood: Pure

Status: Single

Hair: Dark-ish Brown

Eyes: Bright blue

Height: 5'2

Weight: 112

House: Ravenclaw

Anna-marie Danilov- Mother
Alex Danilov- Father
Siblings- none

Personality: Claire is a fun loving girl that spends her free time when not around her friends sitting out on the ground with her nose in a book, Though she can be very talkative around those she doesn't know she tends to be on the shy-side. Claire also loves Quidditch (like any normal Witch)
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Kirsty's Characters
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