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 Autumn's Roleplaying Characters

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Autumn Dagenhart
17 yr old
A long brown haired young girl, with a caring heart. She is a skinny good looking girl. Her heart expands and very emotional. When she was a baby, her mom died from cancer. Her care was up to her muggle father, and older brother Gil. She grew up living stable, learning magic by reading spell books and going to school. She was known to her school to be a "Loner" and a "Straight A student". Her eyes are two different colors blue and green. She enjoys to read and hang out with the ones she loves. Though she had hardships in the past, about realtionships she still craves a boyfriend. She is still a virgin by choice, and still will be. She has many crazy guy stalkers, Jordan , who went to her old private school before she moved. She dreams to became a writer and get married with the one she loves and always will love. Now as she struggles to live by herself, away from Gil and her father Roger. Current Status: Single.

Landon Carter

17 yr old
Brown hair, baby blue eyes, well fit skinny body. He had two exs when he got them pregnant because he loved them but they had a mischarge and blamed him, therefore leaving him. Landon was forced to be single with the depression of what his past caused. His only fear now is that when he does find the right girl and when they do have baby, will either leave him before he becomes a father or have a mischarge. Landon is a song writer, writes lyrics to his manogany guitar. He lives in the aparment above a pub called "Forever Drinking". His family consist of his mom, dad, and little brother Roni. He hardly mentions his family in normal everyday converstaion and hardly goes to see them. He enjoys the challenge of the chase, meaning chasing the ladies. His theory is that when you don't go chasing after the girls, the girls will be chasing after you; leaving him undesireable. His favorite game to play with the ladies is write them love riddles with a free drink marked serect admirer, when they are wasting at the pub. One his famous love riddles is "Don't let the stains from the past, ruin your future". Status currently: Single

Rave Connors

17yr old
Black hair, green eyes. He is a shape shifter, he can turn into a black wolf. He is very skinny, cunning and dangerous. He knows nothing of love. He lives out by the haunted mansion with his wolf buddies. His birth place is Romania. He can't stand silver anything or fire. His mother, Asterid is the queen of his pack and his father Gabriel is the alpha wolf. The Loup-Garou have ruled for 5,000 years, almost worshiped as kings and queens. His friends and Him nickname is the Fortunate Five. The Loup-Garou believe if you stick together they will keep their secret a sercet. They believe they should "Hunt as a Pack, or not at all". Based on the character "RAFE" in the movie in BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE. Status currently: Single

Jasmine piece

17yr old
Long brown hair, blue eyes. She is a skinny good looking girl. Her heart expands and very emotional. She has no family; orphan. When she was One, Her mom and Dad was in a serious car wreak. Raised up by her aunt and her boyfriend that lives in France. Jamsine knows three different lanages (English, French, Spanish) but only uses two, French and English. Jamsine enjoys taking the money she earned and going shopping. Her home life is fancy and proper, living the life of the rich. When she was Five, a rattlesnake almost bite her. Nice to all she meets, her worst fear is snakes. When she reached the age 16, she got a job at a club called "Forever Nights" to be an exotic dancer. Though she's still a virgin she teases like a non-virgin. She enjoys testing guys firguring out where their self control goes, then not following through. Though many guys admire her work, and call Jamsine a stripper she is actually the oppsite... at her work the rule is to "Stafisy the men without them touching you then leave with the cash". Her boss Ahmed calls Jamsine his prized girl, even though he holds 17 other dancer. Jamsine is highly well known to every guy in the state by what she does; therefore could lead into trouble. Status currently: Single

*please no copying my work on my charries
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Autumn's Roleplaying Characters
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