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 My Charries!!! =)

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PostSubject: My Charries!!! =)   My Charries!!! =) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2008 6:36 pm

My Charries!!! =) Corset
First Name:Cristal Last Name: Unknown

Eyes: Rarely ever seen. She tends to remain in the corner or jsut looking at the ground when around people.

Hair: Pin straight black hair. Cristal normally has it let down, where it hangs to her lower back.

Normal Outfit: Cristal normally wears dark clothes, and is almost never seen in anything but a corset.

Other Accesories: She always wears and heart shaped locket hung losely around her neck but a thin gold gain.

House: Although all thought she should be in the Slytherin house the sorting hat had different plans. "Gryffandor!"He called, to the shock of everyone, even Cristal herself.

Year: Cristal is a 4th year.

General Attitude: Cristal is a very shy person who prefers to stay out of dangers way instead of risking harm to anyone or herself. With her reacting to sittuations with this mannor she was usually aleinated from the other kids around her. So frim a young age she learned to dislike social conduct because it always ended with someone getting hurt.

Powers: Cristal is not sure of her powers. With all her self doubt she has locked most of them away in magical walls in her mind. A wise wizzard once told her" No young Cristal, one day you will break the walls, but until you cna beleive in yourself, no amount of magic could break them"

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My Charries!!! =)
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